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Our Story

Local Celebrity is a crossover lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California.  We make clothing for awesome people everywhere by combining fun and personality with contemporary fashion and street style.

We got the idea for Local Celebrity back in 2003. We were at a music festival, rocking out in the middle of a corn field, when inspiration struck us like heavy metal thunder, “Let’s ditch our jobs and start a t-shirt company!” Pretty much just like that we packed up our bags and headed to San Diego to move into our new headquarters – a.k.a. Grandma’s broke down horse stables.  After a long road-trip, a few brainstorming sessions, and a couple dozen high-fives later, we came up with our first set of designs. We maxed out our credit cards, bought a screen-printing machine, and taught ourselves how to make t-shirts, and that’s what started it all.

It wasn’t long before Grandma’s ranch couldn’t handle the abundance of freshness we were churning out.  So, we packed up again and moved to a very glamorous part of downtown Los Angeles known as South Central and we’ve been laying our magical mac down here ever since.

All the products that we sell are produced 100% from scratch by us right here in L.A.  Not only do we try to provide a uniqueness in our graphics, but also in the way we produce our garments. We buy our own ultra-premium fabrics, then cut & sew our own custom t-shirts, creating the perfect canvas for our designs.  You’ll notice the quality as soon as you put one on, and you’ll especially notice the Local Celebrity touch when you’re getting “snapped up” all over town…. “Oh snap!! Where’d you get that!?”

You can find Local Celebrity in the finest retail stores all over the world and right here at, where you can also collect limited-edition shirts that are not available in stores or anywhere else on the web.

We’re family owned and operated, and absolutely love what we do! We truly appreciate all our loyal customers and fans…you’re all family to us.

The One And Only,

Local Celebrity