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Santa Ana that is.  Last night LA got absolutely pummeled by the worst Santa Ana winds in a very long time.  In parts of LA there were gusts of wind pushing 100 mph…and tonight isn’t supposed to be much better.  Anyway, I’m not the weather man…just talking about the crazy weather, man!

Anybody wondering why traffic was so bad this morning?

Santa Ana Winds 2011a

Or why your power was out when you woke up?

Santa Ana Winds 2011b

Our team is working hard to get all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday orders out the door and make sure all of you retailers are getting your fresh shipments too!  I hope you’re all excited to get your new LC in the mail!  You’re probably more excited than our UPS driver is for having to come back again later to pick up the rest, but it’s ok…he’s a Local Celebrity fan so he’s down for the cause.

Local Celebrity Late Night Shipping

I wonder if he’s ever seen the movie.  Either way, lookin’ good in your LC, brah!

So it turns out that the incessant squawking outside our HQ’s windows for the past two weeks wasn’t pigeons or crows or a crazy homeless person…or any other usual Downtown LA suspect – it’s a flock of green parrots!  Maybe I’m the last to know that parrots run wild in LA, but I doubt it.  Look!

Green Parrots in LA outside of Local Celebrity HQ

Green Parrots in LA outside Local Celebrity HQ


Daniel went to check on things at the Beverly Center today and two things were solidified in his mind as a result…

1.  Bloomingdale’s reps L.C. hard…the way it should be.
2.  He needs to get a phone that takes better pictures.

This table in Bloomies probably looks like the inside of some of your closets…FRESH!  And, yes, that is all L.C., so now you know to hit up your “Local” Bloomingdale’s for your need to look good, sucka!

Local Celebrity at the Beverly Center Bloomingdale's

Local Celebrity at the Beverly Center Bloomingdale's

Local Celebrity at the Beverly Center Bloomingdale's

Very good times.

Did anybody else sing this song in elementary school?  Happy Halloween errybody!


Mickey O’Brien of a little group called La Roux…you might have heard of them.  Looking good, Mickey!

Mickey O'Brien of La Roux in Local Celebrity shirt

Mickey O'Brien of La Roux in Local Celebrity shirt

Since early last week, when the world got news of Steve Jobs’ death, there’s been a ton of axioms and inspirational quotes that Jobs has said floating all over the internet.  The one that really stood out to me, and the one that I didn’t see pop-up everywhere, is this…

Local Celebrity - Success via Steve JobsI really appreciated this because it’s rare that people ever talk about the set-backs that take place in business.  I think that with every “success” story you hear, the part that always inspires the most is hearing how the people persevered through all the tough times and rocky roads.  No one gets it right all of the time, no matter how good they are at portraying that they do.  When looking at a company like Apple and knowing that at times it was/is a “Charlie Foxtrot“…that’s encouraging.  Thanks for keeping it real, Steve Jobs.

About a year ago, the good folks over at Bloomingdale’s hit us up to collaborate with them on a special, once-a-year design collective with brands like Converse, Psycho Bunny, and a handful of others, that was going to be based on vintage comic icons like Popeye The Sailor Man, Dennis The Menace, Beetle Bailey, Hagar The Horrible, and Krazy Kat.  To be honest, aside from Dennis The Menace and Popeye(having had fresh skin put on them through the years), we didn’t really grow up with these characters so it was hard for us to really relate and connect with them at first.  But, after looking into the personalities of these comics and coming to understand why they’re so iconic, we realized that each one of these guys was a local celebrity in their own right and their own time, so it was super easy to do what we do and make them fun and fresh again.  You can find these shirts in a Bloomingdale’s near you, and if you have young boys then you can snag some of these for them too!

Local Celebrity x Popeye - I Love Greens shirtDoes something look odd to you about this “I LOVE GREENS” graphic above?  It should, because Popeye isn’t smoking his pipe!  Don’t worry, we DID design it with pipe in mouth, which in my opinion, took this concept from great to fan-friggin-tastic…but I guess it made it too controversial?  Too bad.  BUT, if you think about it, this could quite possibly be the only official image of Popeye that you’ll ever find without him having a pipe in his mouth(it’s kind of his thing, in case you didn’t know), which would make this a pretty special find!

Local Celebrity x Dennis The Menace shirt

Local Celebrity x Hagar The Horrible