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Local Celebrity Everybody Loves The Situation T-Shirt


If you haven’t had the chance to witness the spectacle that is The Jersey Shore, you need to.  At Local Celebrity, we like to interact and play with pop-culture so, naturally, The Jersey Shore was a prime candidate as every episode provides hours of laughter and entertainment.  So, we made this shirt exclusively for Bloomingdales that says, “Everybody Loves The Situation”, and yesterday it popped up gracing the back of The View’s, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, as they interviewed the cast of The Jersey Shore.  Peep the videos below to see your favorite guido’s in action…



Operating out of an old building has it’s pros and cons.  I guess a pro could be that the building has a lot of wisdom?…but it can’t talk so that doesn’t do us much good.  I think the rest are cons.  I mean, in the winter I can see my breath, my fingers get numb within 10 minutes so it’s hard for me to even double-click, and God forbid I get a cold…it never goes away!  In the summer the power is constantly going out because of all the window AC units we set to “Arctic” and sometimes we lose hours worth of artwork.  It’s withstood a gang of earthquakes, so I guess that’s good…or maybe not, I’m not really sure.

Well our building’s lastest signs of old age have appeared in the form of rusted/clogged/leaky pipes.  Thankfully we found the best, cleanest, most professional plumbers in Southern California to come and diagnose why our plumbing was all jacked up, and after running some tests they reasoned that the problem was directly underneath Raul’s, one of our team members, desk…and about a half foot of concrete.  So, trusting the advice of these fine gentlemen and resting assured in their expertise, we gave the green light to operate on our floors and fix the problem. Yeah, wrong section of pipe…DOH!


Local Celebrity Clothing


Local Celebrity Clothing


Local Celebrity Clothing

We have the best customers in the world and we love seeing them rep LC in their own way, so…

…If you’re not shy (you can’t really be shy and wear Local Celebrity at the same time…), then go grab your favorite Local Celebrity shirt from your closet and have a friend take a fun pic of you rockin’ it, then post it to our Facebook Fan Page and make our day a little fresher!

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Local Celebrity Facebook Fan Page

After it stopped raining yesterday a pot of gold appeared somewhere in Skid Row .  I hope
this guy found it…

Local Celebrity Skid Row Rainbow


Local Celebrity Skid Row Rainbow


Local Celebrity Skid Row Rainbow

Victoria Beckham and her son, Cruz, at the beach rocking some Little Celebrity…

Victoria Beckham Cruz Beckham Little Celebrity


Victoria Beckham Cruz Beckham Little Celebrity

3 more Local Celebrity shirts just dropped in Urban Outfitters…

Local Celebrity BEER shirt Urban Outfitters


Local Celebrity Fun Guy t-shirt Urban Outfitters


Local Celebrity NY Loves Me t-shirt Urban Outfitters

…His very own Local Celebrity shirt!  Only a very small amount of these shirts were made and are signed by the legend himself, so move quick to get one.  Learn more about D. Blaze below…


Local Celebrity Average Homeboy t-shirt


Local Celebrity Average Homeboy T-shirt

Local Celebrity Average Homeboy

Local Celebrity Average Homeboy t-shirt


For those of you who are thinking, “Who’s this white dude with a mullet and why is he on a Local Celebrity shirt?”, I’ll inform you.  Denny Blaze, aka Average Homeboy, planted seeds in the late 80′s by sending his demo tape to MTV in hopes that once they saw his toned upper-body, loads of athleticism, unassuming demeanor, and smoothed-out rapping, the record deal would be drafted up and ready to be signed right away.  Instead, MTV decided the world wasn’t ready for D. Blaze yet, so they stuck the demo tape in a dark closet and as time went on, they forgot all about the Average Homeboy from Louisville, Ohio.

18 years and a few technological achievements later, a curious MTV employee was looking through that old video archive and saw, on a dimly-lit shelf labeled, “The World Can’t Handle This”, an intriguing demo video sent in by a Mr. Blazin’ Hazin’.  Alone in the room, she popped the video in their dusty old VHS machine, and just as she was about to push play she heard a small whisper say, “If you post it, they will come”.  A little creeped out, she proceeded to watch the demo video of all demo videos, and found herself completely blazed at the sight of the first flash of colors on the screen.

After a quick digital conversion of the video it was on YouTube and the world responded.  After just 2 weeks the video racked up over a million views, and the rest is history.

Denny has since re-posted the video, losing it’s original view count.   Some people would cringe at the thought of erasing millions of views, but for D. Blaze it’s all about the rapping.  He wanted to make sure we got the full version of his video so we could drink in the full amount of awesomeness.  Thank you Denny Blaze, for keeping it real and giving all of us average folk hope that one day we might get noticed too.

Without further delay, Average Homeboy!



One of our A-Lister’s, MariaJ just sent us a video of her bustin’ a few rhymes at Unite 4 Haiti while rocking our Gangster Rap Made Me Do It t-shirt.  Lookin’ good, sucka!